The milestone of our firm is a village rich in Black Gold of Cyprus “The Carob Tree”. KL. Michael Trading Ltd main activity is carobs’ elaboration. Utilizing the original recipes of the family’s ancestors, the company continues the family tradition for more than 30 years.
Throughout the years, the company proceeded to the development of new innovative products, mainly based on carob, but always focused to maintain the excellent product quality.
Applying new methods of production, quality control and packaging, preserves the quality of products supplied to the final consumer. Despite improvements in production methods, the company insists on producing natural traditional products without the addition of sugar, preservatives or any additional substances.
Respecting consumer needs, KL. Michael Trading Ltd was the first company in Cyprus, proceeded to the production of Certified Organic Carob products.
Our aim is to help our customers to adopt a healthier way of life and improve their daily nutrition. Our main concern is human’s physical wellbeing.